Pacific Moonstone Necklace


Conquer the world in Pacific Moonstone Necklace with full pavé white topaz halo, without any worries. This Moonstone Necklace will bring you good fortune and strengthen your intuition.


  • 18k yellow gold vermeil pendant on silver base
  • Genuine Moonstone from India
  • Pavé white topaz halo
  • 18" length + 2" extension 18k gold filled chain
  • When in light, moonstone sparkles magical blue and purple hues


How To Style: 
Garner attention as the icy Queen with your favorite light-neutral color scheme whether you're running your weekly errands or attending a much-anticipated catch-up dinner. Pair it with our Pacific Moonstone Ring.


Moonstone Benefits:

  • The gemstone of the goddess Diana. Moonstone symbolizes new beginnings - highly connected to the moon and intuition. Reflective like the moon, this gemstone reminds us that everything in life is part of a cycle and change is only natural. Moonstone is known to calm emotional stress and instability. It also removes toxins and negative energies.
  • It is consider the stone of inner growth and strength that stimulates our inner glow which influences directly our ability to freely harmonize with life’s phenomena.


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