LALA Ring - Labradorite


This ring is an eye-catcher that adds a mystical spark to your look and energy.
Adorn your hand with the magical glow
 of labradorite stone that you won't ever want to take it off. Its soft aurora adds a mystical spark to your look and feel. 

Materials Description:

- Gold filled material with sterling silver base
- Marquise shaped grey and blue Labradorite
- Rough texture, high polish
- We are using only natural stones. Each stone is unique.

Labradorite gemstone: "The freedom seeker"

Labradorite's qualities:

According to ancient beliefs, Labradorite attracts those who want to tap into the 3rd eye abilities. It is especially beneficial in times of change and growth.
It is also known as a magic stone with mystical qualities:

- Expands imagination.
- Promotes a vivid vision of the things yet to be born.
- Illuminates the path to one's destiny.
- Helps to tap into a higher state of consciousness.
- Magnifies the intuition to very high levels.
- Assists those interested in creating a new reality for themselves in both --personal & business.

Labradorite Mantra:
"My intuitions are my compass.
I can see the unseen, know what I haven't learned, feel the unrevealed; I can hear the unspoken. I will see my most beautiful dreams and imagine my life into earthly manifestation."

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