Ethereal Aquamarine Necklace


About This Necklace

100%  Authentic Aquamarine Stone.

The signature essence of the March birthstone will leave you in a trance. This Aquamarine Necklace is combine to create a geometric necklace that is a reminder to 

 remain courageous amidst the chaos of life and make your dreams a reality. 



Authentic Aquamarine
- 18kt Yellow Gold Vermeil
- Stone Size: 0.79" x 0.37" (20mm x 9.5mm)
- Chain Length: 16" with 2" extender
- Cut: Hexagon-shaped step cut
- Gem authenticity approved by GIA.

How To Style

An elegant embellishment to any outfit, the Aquamarine Necklace
will bring out the playful boho spirit in your ensemble. Whether you're relaxing in yoga pants or heading out with friends, this hypnotic necklace is an easy choice.

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