Azure Aquamarine Ring

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About This Ring

Make waves with this modernly icy combination. Our authentic Azure Aquamarine garners attention with its perfectly blue stone while surrounded by a row of striking White Topaz. 


- Authentic Aquamarine 
- 18kt Yellow Gold Vermeil
- Stone Size: 8mm x 10mm
- Birth Month: March
- Gem authenticity approved by GIA.

How To Style 
Keep it authentic and fun by wearing this ring solo with your sheer sleeve white blouses and jeans for those family gatherings. For those romantic dates nights, dress it up with your favorite jumpsuit, stackable rings, and earrings


 🌎 Our authentic Aquamarine is hand-picked with love from its origin in Afghanistan.
 The sparkling clarity and color of our natural Aquamarine is enhanced by heat treatment.
🖌   Reflecting its tranquil, clear blue shade Aquamarine’s colors cleverly elevate any jewelry design.
💎   It’s simple! Mix some mild soap with lukewarm water and clean your Aquamarine with a soft brush or microfiber cloth. Avoid any contact with harsh chemicals or acids.
💆🏽‍♀️  The birthstone of March serves as your own little protector and supports the feelings of courage.




To keep your gold jewelry shining, avoid getting it wet. Remove before showering and apply after lotions, creams, and perfumes have dried. The chemicals and oils in these products can cause the gold color to fade more quickly.

Keep your pieces stored away when not being worn. We recommend wrapping your items in a soft cloth, putting in a pouch bag we provide with your order, or keeping them in a jewelry box to avoid collecting dust.

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