Salt and Pepper Diamond Ring


Featuring a unique pear-shaped salt and pepper diamond. It is beautifully framed with a minimal lining of several rounds and a marquise lab diamond to finish off the elegant piece. 


  • 14K gold layer on 925 sterling silver base material
  • Band width is approx. 1.60mm
  • Salt and pepper Pear lab Diamond x 1 piece (~1.5ct)
  • 1mm Round diamond x 10 pieces 
  • 3 x 1.5mm Marquise diamond x 1 piece

 Get the matching band here: Audrey Band


They're called 'Salt and Pepper' or 'Galaxy' diamonds for their cosmic, night sky appearance. 'Pepper' refers to the black inclusions, and 'salt' refers to the icy white inclusions. Every Salt and Pepper has a completely unique and one-of-a-kind pattern, you'll never find two stones the same.

Salt and Pepper rings symbolize inner strength and justice and can help soothe feelings of jealousy between partners. 

As people, we’re all aligned in our humanness, but distinctive in our own, undeniable way. In the same way, salt & pepper stones are all diamonds, yet every one has its own energy, look, and history.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Susan Kinner
Salt and pepper ring

I love my new ring, I wear it every day. Now I need to save up for a new ring. 🤗

Marissa Zayn
Love the ring

I love the ring. It's comfortable and just absolutely gorgeous

Amanda S
I love it, absolutely dreamy

Absolutely dreamy and beautiful quality! I cannot wait for the Audrey band to arrive as well so I can stack as a pair.

Kristy A
Terrific ring

Beautiful ring, lovely salt and pepper stones and material! I have the rings in size 6 and it fits perfectly!

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